Kinetic Art

is contemporary art;
dependent upon movement for its effect.








Horse and hound tavern rolling ball
video of machine

December 2011
Stainless steel rolling ball / mechanical wire sculpture

Orginal paper clip
mechanical wire sculpture

circa 1969

video of machine



Ball Chain Machine
(rare and fragile)
As seen on CSI-NY on Wednesday May 19, 2010
60 sec. video clip (CBS network)

ball chain machine CSI NY





















Although the Church of Phil
also known as 42 Maple Art Center
is closed, creative kinetic art
will continue in Lisbon NH.

stainless steel, gas welded circa 1986

todad.gif (92476 bytes)






bead chain, ball chain

video of machine



rolling ball

Rolling golf ball 30"h x 38"w x 18" d


Sculptures created by Phil R. Contact: